Tsukemen TETSU started off as a small shop in August of 2005. Now, we're proud to have 27 shops as of April 2018.
Tsukemen is a type of ramen, but the soup is much thicker, and kept separate from the noodles. The noodles are also thicker, and cooled after boiling. This makes them tighter, and more springy. The noodles are dipped into the soup with each bite and eaten quickly.
At our shop, we boast a revolutionary Tsukemen, in which the soup will not lose its heat.
We've received numerous awards and recognition, including Trip Adviser's Certificate of Excellence. Tsukemen has become an integral part of Japanese food culture, and it's our hope that everyone around the world can experience it.
Check here for our insider tips on how to eat Tsukemen. We'd love for you to come by and have an unforgettable Tsukemen experience, because what can we say, we're passionate about our noodles.

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Tsukemen TETSU with a new website

We're always pleased to have you at our shop.
We've completely redone our website, with a design we hope will be a lot easier for everyone to use.
Thanks for your continuous support! Come on down anytime you're hungry!

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Dip the noodles in the thick soup, and slurp them up.


The ultimate meal of steaming broth and noodles

03.Cha-han (fried rice)

The must-have rice dish of ramen places

04.Limited Specials

We have limited specials each month



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