Dip the noodles in the thick soup, and slurp them up.


Our recommendation / Best seller

Hot Tsukemen

We recommend having hot noodles in the colder seasons. The way the heat melds with the tangy fish stock is delicious.

Spicy Tsukemen

For you spice-lovers. You can choose your spice level, too.

Super Tsukemen

We lay thick slices of pork and a boiled egg on the noodles. Save this for when you're super hungry.

Tanrei Yowabi-daki Tsukemen

This soy sauce and fish broth is cooked on low for 8 hours, and uses thinner noodles. This soup embodies Japan's famous flavor: “umami”.

Noukou Tsuyobi-daki Tsukemen

This salt and fish broth is boiled on high very quickly, and combined with slightly flatter noodles that are a bit easier to slurp up.

「Kimihan」 Tsukemen

We use a plum paste in the noodles. It's Tsukemen with a dense fish flavor, but makes for a lighter experience.