How to eat tsukemen

We’ve put together a guide on how to enjoy tsukemen to its fullest here.

つけめんTETSU 1. Try a bite of plain noodles.

1. Try a bite of plain noodles.

The texture, smell, and slick surface should be sampled first.
Our pros at the shop take the weather and humidity into consideration when making the ideal noodles for the day.






つけめんTETSU 2. Dip the noodles in the soup.

2. Dip the noodles in the soup.

Take a bite’s worth of noodles with your chopsticks, and dip the noodles about two-thirds of the way in the soup.
This let’s you get both the flavor of the noodles and soup together.
The soup is the product of about 48 hours of work. It’s the consummation of Japanese flavors all in one, and blends perfectly with our noodles. But don’t drink the soup alone just yet!



つけめんTETSU 3. Plop in the

3. Plop in the "Yaki-ishi"

After a bit, tsukemen soup becomes lukewarm. We have a solution to this you’ll only see at TETSU. Ask the chef for a “yaki-ishi”, a hot stone to put in the soup, and bring it back to steaming temperatures. Put it in slowly with your spoon, and enjoy the sizzle as your soup is revitalized!





つけめんTETSU 4. Add in the extra soup broth

4. Add in the extra soup broth

We have extra broth to add to your tsukemen soup. After you finish your noodles, and the soup is mostly gone, pour this broth in to fill your bowl back up. Now you can drink the rest of the soup, and really savor the “umami” sensation.





**We have this same guide on posters in the shop.